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Reset Program

Reset Program

Our Reset Program

​​​​​​​We get it. Life after weight loss surgery is HARD. You have fallen off the wagon, it happens to us all at some point. You want to RESET! You’re tempted by liquid resets, you’re tempted by the “diet” world. 

You are LOST!

Crash diets/Fad diets don’t work! That’s why we are here! If those “5 day liquid resets” or fad diets worked we would not have needed surgery to start with!

Our programs are different! The Sassy Evolution Reset Program includes FOUR reset meal guides (strict balanced macros, choose your own adventure balanced macros, and 2 keto options) WITH recipe books.

They are WHOLE FOOD PLANS! Each one includes a meal guide filled with foods and principles to help rev up your metabolism and get you back on track! Each guide is accompanied by a recipe book and guidelines to help you succeed.

However, at Sassy Evolution we know that resetting is about more than just changing the food you are consuming. We have also included a Fitness Reset to help you start (or re-start) your fitness journey from where you are RIGHT NOW. The plan is a complete 7 day fitness plan designed to show you how to start a fitness routine to rev up your metabolism and lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.


Finally, health and wellness need to be FULL BODY and that is why we have included a MINDSET RESET. This is probably the most important piece of the weight loss equation and the one that is most frequently over looked. You should always be sure that your mindset is focused and ready for any lifestyle change and our Mindset Reset is going to help you to ensure that you are ready to take on this journey – mind, body and soul!

If you are ready for a different kind of reset, one that has long term, sustainable results – check out the Sassy Evolution Reset Plan. Instantly download the Mindset Reset below and then watch your email for the meal guides, recipe books and fitness reset. 

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