Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Welcome to Sassy Evolution Healthy Living!

This is a program for bariatric patients you are FURTHER into their bariatric journey, because your needs are DIFFERENT!

When you first had surgery, you had rules and guidelines on what you could and couldn’t eat – and you followed them LIKE A BOSS! You were losing weight well, you were hopeful, you were motivated and let’s be honest – a bit scared! You wanted to succeed at this and would do ANYTHING to do so. But then as time goes on, you loosen up the reins a little. Life creeps back in. You have to go to a family dinner, a vacation happens, your friends invite you for drinks and before you know it – this thing called real life happens and you don’t know what happened to that well behaved bariatric patient who followed all of the rules.

And now? You don’t remember the rules! You don’t know why you followed them in the first place, but you know they don’t fit into your real life anymore! You know you can’t avoid functions and social settings forever. You know you can’t live on protein shakes and in calorie deprivation. But how can you live?

That’s what Healthy Living is all about!!! We are about REAL LIFE Bariatric Support. We are about showing you that Healthy Living CAN and DOES fit in your real life. We want to show you how to create HEALTHY and DELICIOUS recipes. We want to show you that you can fit a workout in ANYWHERE and with LIMITED TIME! We want to show you that you are never alone and that we get what you’re going through – because we live it too!

“I am in love with this group, these people! The weight loss journey is multi faceted. No matter what others say you can only be successful if you put in the work. That being said; support makes that happen! We have all dieted before, we have all tried to lose on our own but most of us weren’t long term successful if we didn’t have support! I am.thankful to these people for filling in the missing puzzle piece on this journey. Nutrition – Fitness – Mindset – Self Care -Support – Accountability. The people, the recipes, the workouts, the support calls. Best $$ spent each month!!!”

Shannon, CT, USA

We want you to feel at home with like minded people who understand your struggles. We want to bring you workshops on topics that are RELEVANT to where you are at in your journey! (Like plastic surgery, resetting your metabolism, changing up your gym routine, relationship changes after surgery and so many more!)

But most of all we want YOU to be in control of your journey. That is why Healthy Living is a member-guided program. We give you OPTIONS. CHOICES and FREEDOM to call the shots. You vote on topics for workshops, you choose the recipes you want to add into your life and you show up for support when and how it fits for you.

We know you can’t do this alone – because neither can we. But we also know that you don’t want someone holding your hand and bottle feeding you protein shakes for the rest of your life.

If you’re ready to try HEALTHY LIVING – we are ready for you!

What You Get



  • 2 Online Live Interactive Group Workouts FREE in your first month
  • Discounted Pricing for Online Live Interactive Group Classes in subsequent months
  • 4 Brand New Printable Workouts each month
  • Access to a certified personal trainer for fitness specific questions
  • Workshops topics relevant to fitness


  • 16 brand new, tried, tested and true recipes each and every month
  • Access to a certified health coach who is also a bariatric patient for any nutrition specific questions
  • Workshops topics relevant to bariatric nutrition


  • Private Facebook community
  • Weekly group support calls with certified coaches
  • Weekly check ins for accountability
  • Challenges with prizes to help keep you motivated
  • Workshops topics relevant to the mental and emotional side of your journey

“I have been in this group for almost 3 years. The recipes are amazing!! My family has changed their diet thanks to them. The support you get here is awesome!! We all look out for each other. Since I’ve been in here I learned many different ways ti use my protein powder. I have lost weight with these recipes. Christina Beckett took the time to teach me how important protein and vitamins are to us. I’ve learned so much from this program!”

Jamie, NV, USA

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