Healthy Living+

Healthy Living+

Welcome to Sassy Evolution Healthy Living+!

This is a space for individuals who are still struggling with uncertainty in their bariatric journey. We provide guidance and structure as you move through your journey and help you figure out the “ropes” of what this new lifestyle is all about.

We take the guesswork out of eating healthy and balancing meals with 4 FULL Meal Guides per month (complete with recipe books). We take the guesswork out of fitness by getting you started with FOUR Online, Live Interactive Group Classes for FREE in your first month. These workouts are LIVE, on video conference with an instructor present so you KNOW that you’re doing things right! We modify for all fitness levels and you start where you’re at in your journey! We also provide you with access to our Fitness On Demand Library that has over 40 recorded workouts for you to do on your own time.

More than anything else – this program is about helping you walk in this new life. We hold your hand and guide you until you’re ready to do this on your own. This journey can be scary and it can feel really lonely at first. We are all afraid we are messing it up and it’s often nice to have someone there with you telling you that you aren’t! Someone who has “been there/done that” and can lead the way until you feel confident in your journey.

“I’ve been in the Sassy Evolution HL+ program since September, and honestly it’s a life changer. I was struggling so hard after my gastric sleeve surgery in May because I had to switch surgeons last minute, and my new surgeon never gave me a real plan. This program gives you everything you need, surgery or no surgery. I love the weekly support calls, and the recipes are so yummy! The workouts are easy to follow and you get the amazing workout library! Everyone is so nice in the group and you make such amazing friends! If you’re looking for a wonderful opportunity that has an amazing community I recommend this to you! 🙂 I started my journey at 340lbs and I’m down to 245lbs now thanks to the help of the program 🙂 I’m so thankful for finding this group and I only have nice things to say about this wonderful community”

Megan, NJ, USA

We know that you won’t need this kind of hands on guidance forever, and we don’t want you to! We want to teach you enough so that EVENTUALLY you are ready to do this on your own. So that you feel CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED. You have to live this way for the rest of your life – you should feel GOOD about it!

We want to show you how to live REAL LIFE after bariatric surgery, we don’t sugar coat things and we don’t tell you to live in a bariatric bubble. We talk about REAL LIFE problems. REAL LIFE situations and REAL LIFE solutions! We are focused on community and we know that together – we can move mountains.

If you are ready for a new kind of bariatric support – we are ready for you!

What You Get



  • 4 Online Live Interactive Group Workouts FREE in your first month
  • Discounted Pricing for Online Live Interactive Group Classes in subsequent months
  • On Demand Fitness Library with over 40 Recorded Workouts
  • 4 Brand New Printable Workouts each month
  • Access to a certified personal trainer for fitness specific questions
  • Workshops topics relevant to fitness


  • 32 brand new, tried, tested and true recipes each and every month
  • 4 brand new weekly meal guides every month (2 keto and 2 balanced macros)
  • Nutrition library with hundreds of recipes and 10+ meal guides
  • Sassy Evolution Reset Programs (featuring 4 resets and a sugar detox)
  • Access to a certified health coach who is also a bariatric patient for any nutrition specific questions
  • Workshops topics relevant to bariatric nutrition


  • Private Facebook community
  • Weekly group support calls with certified coaches
  • Weekly check ins for accountability
  • Challenges with prizes to help keep you motivated
  • Workshops topics relevant to the mental and emotional side of your journey

“This program is not just a page I visit, it has become a place to hangout and get support when needed. There is no judgement. Everyone is on their own path but our journey is the same and that is to achieve better over all health. Any time of the day or night, weekend or holiday there is always motivation, or a way to reach out for an answer to a question or just something that will put a smile on your face. People in this group truly are here to learn from each other and help out when they can. When one person is sad we all feel sad and send well wishes, when a person is doing good we celebrate with them. Its more than a program – it has become like an extended family, no one goes through anything alone the good (at goal), bad(regaining) and the ugly ( sagging skin, hair loss).”

Pauline, PA, USA

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