Support for Your Bariatric Journey

Healthy Living is our monthly membership program to help in your weight loss journey. This program is meant to foster a sense of independence in your journey by teaching you the pieces that you need to ensure your weight loss is long term and sustainable. 

Every month we provide you with meal guides, workouts, recipes, support, challenges and MORE, all for less than $1/day!

Support for Your Fitness Journey

Our Online LIVE Interactive Group classes are an amazing way to get moving.We offer all levels, modifications and certified instructors to provide a fun and safe environment. All classes (Kickboxing, Active Stretch, Tabata, Cardio Blast, Core and many more) will help with your cardio, strength and flexibility. We offer unlimited monthly memberships giving you full access to our entire schedule of classes.

This is a program for bariatric patients, created by a bariatric patient, because our needs are DIFFERENT!

Christina’s education and life experience in the bariatric world will help you create a custom Nutrition Coaching Experience to give you a running start at all of your Nutrition Goals.

This is different than any other Nutrition Coaching you have done before. Our approach is that there is no “one size fits all” program to help you succeed. We take what you are doing now, what you want to achieve and what you have done in the past and create a program completely customized to you.

Online personal training is NOT just a program that you follow by yourself in the gym or at home. You work one-on-one LIVE and INTERACTIVE with a CERTIFIED and experienced personal trainer who will help you meet and exceed your fitness and wellness goals. Fitness is NOT a one size fits all approach and we personalize each session based on your level, abilities and take any limitations you may have into account by providing modifications to exercises as needed. As these sessions are live and interactions we’re able to provide instant feedback and guide your form to ensure you execute the exercises safely and for maximum benefit.
Home Workout Motivation in Real-time
Live online personal training is a great way to make sure you don’t skip your training if your motivation just isn’t there to get it done alone. Your online personal trainer guides you, making sure you get in shape and stay on track. And of course, they’ll make it fun along the way.
No gym fees, no crowds, no standing there not having a clue what to do, no waiting for machines, no travel time and no feeling out of place – NO EXCUSES!