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Get Your Sh$t Together Planning Party!

Plot Your Success


Get Your Sh$t Together Planning Party

Plot Your Success

Get Your Sh$t Together Planning Party

Plot Your Success


Your essential planning session to get results and re- focus to lose weight again.


We often get bogged down in the details of HOW to implement our plan, so we simply do nothing – and we are over it!!!

Our Get Your SH$T TOGETHER Planning Session is a simple plan to overhaul your habits.





You will create a meal plan and be shown ways to quickly prep simple, family friendly and delicious meals/snacks.


You will create a "No more excuses - fitness anywhere" plan for yourself. You have the time. You have the ability.


You will get to participate in a Q&A LIVE support call with no BS Bariatric Experts and coaches Christina and Lindsay.

What You Get

We are breaking this Master Class down into 4 bite size pieces. We encourage you to attend all 4 portions, but we will also record the entire class and you can always watch it back later.


1) Nutrition. You will create a simple, easy to follow Meal Plan that you can adjust for your own likes/dislikes. This is the same way Christina has created meal plans for 1000s of clients over the last 5 years. It is easy to follow, adjust and execute. (Aka. It really works!!!) You will then be shown a simple method for going from Planning to Prepping. Having a plan is SH$T if you don’t actually execute it. Christina will show you options on how to get your meal planning done quickly and easily.


2) Mindset. All plans are garbage without goals. You need to know where you are going in order to actually get there. Lindsay will walk you through creating SMART goals and provide you with a worksheet to create your own goals. She will break them down to short and long term goals and help you see that ALL goals can be achievable with a plan! Creating goals and putting them into your systems will help overhaul your habits. Using the 1% rule, she will be outlining why small habits can make a huge difference.Goals are good for planning your progress. Systems are good for making progress.


3) Fitness. We all have time for fitness. Sometimes carving out hours of time at the gym can seem overwhelming, so Lindsay will teach you the key ingredients to create quick, do anywhere fitness plans. These can be created at any fitness level and will push you towards your goals in a safe, effective way.


4) Support. Having support in your journey is key. We will teach you the value of having an accountability buddy, how to find one that is the right fit for you and how to be a good accountability buddy to someone else. We will also facilitate finding buddies and ensure that everyone who wants one, gets one!


I’ve always been overweight and was morbidly obese before I left high school. As I grew older, and bigger, I developed many coping mechanisms to deal with my weight and to make it not hurt when I ran face first into the barriers my body created. Eventually those walls closed in around me and inside those walls my mind, and then my body, started to shut down.

Sassy Evolution has been a huge piece of putting me back on the right track. I needed to find wise counsellors and a tribe that knew what I had been through. That fear of trying and failing, but still needing to try.

These people have become my tribe. They support me, listen to me, even kick me in the pants when the old ‘stinkin-thinkin’ kicks in.

Sandra, AB, Canada

Planning Party: The Details

When: Tuesday September 29, 7-9pm EST (4-6pm PST, 5-7pm MST, 6-8pm CST)

Where: Facebook Pop Up Group (you will be added to the group on September 27th)

What Do I Need: Pen, Paper, Willingness to learn