Valentines Day Bonus

Valentines Day Bonus

Valentines Day Bonus

​​​​​​​We truly believe that February is one of the most difficult months of the year.

We are FINALLY recovered from the stress and chaos of the holiday season and are ready to face the new year. We made goals in January – but let’s be honest – the only real goal was SURVIVAL!

January always seems to last FOREVER. We are getting back into a routine that got thrown for a loop since…Halloween? We are trying, yet again, to get our eating under control, be more active, pay off bills, survive, survive, did we mention survive?

Then suddenly it’s February….and we’ve actually done NOTHING. And then it starts. We beat ourselves up. We need to “buckle down” on everything…and focus!

Except wait – it’s Valentines Day! We need to plan a date – with our partner, our girlfriends, ourselves – whoever! But we can’t dine out…that isn’t “healthy”. And  all of the chocolate that’s out there – how do we avoid that? 

Is there really ever a good time to get and stay healthy? YES!!!

Download our FREE 20 Date Night Ideas (that don’t involve food!) below. Use it to plan the perfect Valentines Day, and then tuck it away and use it all year! Don’t reserve dating just for Valentines Day and don’t reserve health just for January. You got this – and we’re here to help!


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