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What is Online LIVE Interactive Group Classes (OLIGC) ?

A new type of fitness class that fits into your busy life. We get it. It can be hard to find the time and motivation to workout.

We have done the whole gym thing…
the sitting in traffic, almost missing your class, only to arrive and it is full; the scan for cardio equipment in a PACKED gym; the claiming of the last empty space followed by wondering what to do next.

We have had those good intentions…
bought that amazing workout DVD that is still in its package in a drawer.

We, too, have searched
on YouTube to find the best “Workouts” and watched them from the sofa trying to get motivated to follow along.

We know it can be hard because we have lived it.

So we decided to




No more time wasted in traffic.



No more drawers full of good intentions.



No more watching from the sofa.

Online LIVE Interactive Group Classes are a great way to get your sweat on with a group to motivate and support each other. Group sizes are small (8 max.) and you get to work with a trainer for form, safety, and modifications. Exciting and challenging workouts with a group each in their own home.

PLUS, ​​​​​​​Prices are so affordable, anyone can join the sweaty fun!!

“I don’t think I would be comfortable going to the gym, so starting at home was perfect and I had no excuses. This gave me the accountability I needed and Lindsay was wonderful!”

N.T. from West Virginia

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The 30 Minute Workout Model

Our unique Online LIVE Interactive Group Classes are designed specifically to empower you. To help you work towards your health and fitness goals. To help you take control of your wellness journey.

Each class is LIVE and INTERACTIVE from the comfort of your own home (or beach, park or vacation home). Our sessions are only 30 minutes (which include a warm up and cool down) and have a LIVE trainer leading the class.

Even though you are in your own home, the group feel with other members makes these workouts fun, motivating and challenging.

Some of our different class types are:
Tabata — Active Stretch — Kickboxing — Upper Body Strong — Turbulence Training — The BALLL — Lean & Mean (see class descriptions for more details).

Workout with a laptop, computer or tablet.

No fancy gym membership. No huge space needed. Just a good pair of running shoes and a bottle of water.

Have a mat? It is good but not necessary. You can use a towel, blanket or rug! Some classes recommend using hand weights but you can use water bottles or canned foods as weights as well.
All classes are run using a program called ZOOM from your computer or App on your mobile.

Trainer Spotlights

“I love the modifications Lindsay gives. They are really helpful while I am recovering. It was also great to be able to do the workout in the comfort of my own home!”

M.B. from Minnesota