This morning we did our coffee chat a little differently than in the past. If you missed it, come and check it out!

We get so many questions from our members and clients and wanted to take the time to answer some of them. We did not get through them all but will continue to do these Q&As probably once a month during our coffee time.

It is important to understand that EVERY SINGLE one of these questions could have a full blog post (AND a FULL weekend seminar for that matter) but I will touch on answering them.


Question #1:
How do I increase my calories without screwing up my macros? 


My Fitness Pal is the best tracking tool.

Eating enough calories is very important along this journey. But increasing your calories while staying in balance can be a struggle. Christina has her “Balance Perfection” meal that can be added to most tracking and stay balanced.

This Heavenly Yogurt Delight has 300 calories to help increase that total for the day but is also breaks down the macros to balance.


PRO Tip: Enter what you think you want to have into MFP and see what it does to your macros. It is better to check first and then eat versus eat and then be unbalanced.

If you want more information, check out the video Christina did here.


Question #2:
How do I balance my workouts with my goals? 

This is a great question but it also really depends on what your goals are. In our most recent Fundamentals challenge, we introduced Balance Workouts which includes; cardio, strength, and stability. This is important since they all play a role in your journey. Often I see people who do too much cardio and do not see the results they want, or too many weights and do not see the results they want. The trick is to do a little of them all.

If fat loss is your goal, including cardio, it is very important. But don’t forget the weights. Muscle burns more calories than fat and is very important especially for women and osteoporosis. Stability is key for function movement; playing with the kids, lifting the groceries, staying upright when walking on snow and ice.


The number of each workout will depend on how many times a week you are working out.

If you are doing 3 sweat sessions a week (recommend this as a minimum), you should be doing 2 cardio-focused (HIIT, Tabata, AMRAP) session plus 1 strength/stability focused.

If you are doing 4-5 sessions a week, you should be doing 3 cardio-focused plus 2 strength/stability.

The good news is that if you do a combo style, you get all three into one session. You will get your heart pumping, your lunges working and your muscles screaming.

Try a FREE class and have fun doing your workout today!

Question #3:
I take early morning classes, what should I eat beforehand? Can you give me some examples? 

Christina goes into more detail during our Coffee Chat (so go watch it), but it is important to eat something that is going to sit well in your stomach, fuel your workout and is tasty. We hear a lot about fasted workouts, but honestly having fuel in your system for your workout is very important. Find what works for you and do it!

Question #4:
I am not feeling great, show I still workout? 

Another very common question. My rule of thumb is if you are feeling it in your head (cold, sinus) and still feel ok, go for your workout. If you are feeling it in your throat or lungs, take the break. There is no need to take a step forward only to take 5 steps back. When you are not feeling well your body is fighting hard to get better. Without rest, fluids and fuel, you will not be able to get stronger.

Also, many people who are not feeling great, are not usually eating great either (or much at all). You need fuel to get a good workout in. And you need fuel to recover after a workout.

Take the rest and get back into the swing of it as soon as you are feeling better.

Question #5:
How many calories should I be eating?

This question is impossible for us to answer accurately, unfortunately. Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is like a fingerprint. It is unique to everyone individually. We highly recommend getting your BMR (something called RMR Resting Metabolic Rate) tested to get the right number.


Question #6:
I hate water. How can I get 70oz in?

I am not a lover of water either BUT more I often forget where I put my bottle or leave it at home. Finding some tips to help with that include:

  • Find a favourite cup/bottle
  • Use ‘squirty’ things with stevia
  • Timers and/or apps to remind you to drink
  • Homemade water infusers
  • Elastic bands


Question #7:
What is the best way to get back on track after falling off over Thanksgiving?

Start with ONE thing. Water is always a good place to start. It is so important. Don’t try to change everything at once as most often we get overwhelmed and lost.

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We did not get to all the questions this week and will continue to answer your questions. If you have any, please send us a message and we can answer LIVE next time. 

To Your Success,