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Whether you are new to working from home or just need some extra tips to stay focused, we chatted all about this in our Coffee Chat this week. Go check it out here.



Working from home may have always been on your bucket list. For some, it has been a way of life for years. BUT for many, this ‘work from home’ is a brand-new situation that they have been tossed into unexpectedly. 

I have been working from home for many years and have changed things depending on where we have lived and space I have had. 

Now that we live in Mexico, I do have a little more space than when we lived in Canada. I have a studio for teaching our Online LIVE Interactive Group classes but often do my “work” either on the sofa or the kitchen table. 

We asked in our community and got some great tips from others. 


Jennifer from Atlanta says:

“Have cut-off/unplug times. It’s so easy to say, “It will only take a second and I’m right here, so I might as well handle this”, which leads to 10-16 hour days. I know because I’ve done it for two years.


Do not have your office in your bedroom. You need one room in your house where you can still find peace.


If your self-imposed cut-off time is say, 5:00, cut off your phone, close out your email and walk away and do not look at it again.


Take a lunch. I mean an hour-long lunch. And breaks. Schedule times to get up and walk around, walk outside and just breathe.”


Dorthy from NY State says: 

“Get up and move.”


Jessica from Texas says:

“Make a schedule and have boundaries – when work is done/work is done!”


Stephanie North Carolina says: 

“Find quiet time for yourself both to work and to unwind from everyone and everything.”


Lisa from South Carolina says:

“Don’t beat yourself up if one day you get more done than another day. Honestly, balance is being where you need to be at that moment.


Remember to take time for yourself as well. It’s so easy to push yourself to where you end up sick etc.”


Cathy from Toronto says:

“Start your day with a workout and then shower and get dressed and start your work “on time”; it’s easy not to take breaks so make sure you do so but also make sure they are not too long.”


Karen from Connecticut says:

“Take your breaks….think about if what you are doing is something you could do while you were at work or something you are doing cause you’re home and it’s accessible…drink your water…..natural sunlight-make it accessible to you. Brightens the day/mood”



These are all amazing great tips you can try and implement them into your daily work from home routine. 

Good Luck and let me know what your tips and tricks are. 

To Your Success,