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SKIP OVER this blog post if you have hit your goal and rockin’ all areas of your life. No fears of Regain. No motivation issues. You are consistent as fu*k! (this is not for you).

SKIP OVER this blog post if you fit in all of your “sexy” shit and you’re confident checking yourself out in the mirror and have energy for DAYS (this is not for you).

SKIP OVER this blog post if you are happy on the sideline, watching people get results and continually thinking “this won’t work for me” (this is not for you).



If you are ready to learn how to get the scale moving in the right direction, have the motivation to kick ass, the consistency to make it happen and to be confident again THE REAL WAY, then keep reading…

How many times have you started a workout or diet and just fell off because you weren’t getting the results you wanted?

Or you just didn’t have time to fit it in?

How many times were you told, just cut your carbs and do more cardio?
That’s just straight-up Bullshit!


Yes, you do need to eat a certain way, and yes you do need to work out!

But you don’t need to restrict or go to the gym for hours. After surgery, you had restrictions and reduced calories BUT at 2+ years out, you can enjoy great food, exercise and have fun doing it. 

There are THREE reasons why our members get that scale to budge…

There is a right way (efficient) and a wrong way (long and frustrating) to get that scale moving in the right direction. 

To stop regain in its tracks and NEVER have it return again.


Do you remember when you could only imagine being a certain weight or have a certain amount of energy? Pre-surgery, looking at those before & after photos and longing to be there?

How about when you just ate food without obsessing over every calorie?

Or even stopping at the mirror to admire your OWN body with CONFIDENCE?

You have to be careful with the quick fix to get there though!

That never lasts, and ALWAYS ends up worse off.


What do I mean by quick fix?

Buying the hottest weight loss fad or weight loss diet online. Trying the latest Pouch Reset. Going back to diet pills. This is too similar to what you did BEFORE surgery and it did NOT WORK then, and it will NOT work now! 

Yes, that will get you some results, but then you will gain your weight back and no one wants minimal results right?

You want to REVERSE the Regain. 

MASTER Motivation. 

Commit to Consistency.


You don’t want to be that person anymore that is just a failed statistic of Bariatric surgery. You don’t want your weight to continue to go up as you head back into the old you! You are NEVER going back! 

We have had many members having MIND-BLOWING results, but more importantly, they didn’t have to live in a restricted situation, AND they only spent 30 minutes exercising a day AT HOME!


Here are the details…

We focus on 2+ years out from surgery issues and fears and kick them to the curb

We break down the KIND of exercises that will get the best results for all levels.

We talk about the “Right Way” to a meal plan that actually saves time and money and gets better results than ANYTHING being taught in the market now!

Lastly, we give you the missing pieces to our unique 4 Pillar Approach that creates Real Results. Right now.


Now before you bang our door down to get in, we have to first make sure you understand that this isn’t for everyone!

We do not allow just anyone into the program!

Why not?

Because the program is a WORK WITH YOU program. 

You Bariatric Transformation is not done for you! You have to put the effort in.

Think you can?

Here are some checkboxes you need to have before reaching out to us!

☑️ Must be ready to commit to a change!

☑️ Must not have an issue with getting support, a strong community and fun!

☑️ Must be ready for YOUR own Transformation.

☑️Must be ready to finally say enough is enough!


Have you Fallen off before and been frustrated and skeptical?

It’s all good. So was Tara!

But she wanted RESULTS so badly. She had surgery and lost very little weight, stalled and stayed there for a year.

So, she started watching some videos and slowly got to know both Christina and me. She realized we were “real” and that we truly cared! She trusted herself and she had not looked back!

The COMMUNITY ACCOUNTABILITY piece is the final piece to the puzzle and that is where the TRUE magic happens!


We have opened only 8 spots for this month (2 are already gone) so we can work closely with the group and get the results you need!

Get started today for only $21 for 21 days! Try the program out. See how all the pieces fit together and get results now.

Click HERE to get Your Bariatric Transformation NOW