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Hey Sassy Peeps!

This week in our coffee chat, Lindsay and I were chatting about The Stories We Tell Ourselves. We were specifically talking about the nagging, untrue, mean stories we tell ourselves. The “I’m Not Good Enough” stories…or the stories we tell ourselves in order to sabotage our progress…like “I worked out hard enough, I can have these donuts”, or “I’ll never get to goal weight anyway, so I may as well give up.”

I know these stories. I know them well. I spent YEARS telling myself the same kind of stories, and while I would love to be writing to you, telling you that I’m fixed and I no longer do this…that would be a straight-up lie.

I actually sat down this morning to write this blog…and thought “I have nothing inspiring to say”. You see, I woke up this morning in a grumpy mood, for no real reason…just grouchy. So of course, I feel like my day is wasted….at 8:33 am. Is it really? NO!

Old Christina, pre mindset work, would have said the whole day is shot…I would have grabbed a pop tart or some sugar cereal and binged my way through breakfast….then I would have told myself I had already ruined the day….so on the binge would have gone…by 10 am, I would have felt like garbage….but unable to stop the cycle of binging…because I would have already ruined everything.

Today, I reminded myself that it’s 8:35 am…nothing is ruined. I woke up in a bad mood. That happens. From here though, I have a CHOICE!!!!

I can CHOOSE to live in this negative space all day and make poor choices that go with that space…or I can move through whatever it is that is getting to me…and make better choices.

So I chose to prepare myself a healthy breakfast. I chose to sit down and share these thoughts with all of you because you need to hear that sometimes even those of us that “have it all together” and have “hit goal” still struggle. Sometimes we still want to emotionally eat (sometimes we DO still emotionally eat!) but sometimes we can stop the tape on these stories we tell and re-write them.

So today I am going to re-write my day. I am going to choose to be inspiring. I am going to choose to work through my foul mood. I am going to choose to fuel my body with healthy choices, I am going to choose big hugs from my kids and I am even going to choose to workout this morning (because I’ve been trying to talk myself out of that too)….and I’m going to make those choices because they are in line with WHO I want to be.

The negative stories….those are who I was…the pop tart binger…the secret snacker, the non-workout girl….the one who would live in this grouchy space for days…I was unhappy…and that was my story. Everything I did in life, made that story true.

But now my story is different. And yours can be too. Think about WHO you want to be…and write the story that lines up with that. And then re-write that story every day. Does it mean the bad stuff won’t happen? Of course not. But it means when it does happen, you get to CHOOSE your re-write…

What are you writing today in your story?