Hey Beautiful, Sassy People!


This week in our Coffee Chat, you heard Lindsay and I talking a lot about the mindset piece of this journey. This is something we both believe should be front and center as you change your lifestyle. You can eat all the healthy food you want, balance those macros, get in those workouts, but if you don’t change the way you THINK of things – your success will be limited.


Some of the key things we find when it comes to mindset are:


This is so important. You need to find a comfortable balance for you. You need to do exactly what works for YOU to get results – long term. No more, being INCREDIBLE for a short period, then so far off the wagon…and then trying to climb back on and repeating indefinitely. Find a comfortable new NORMAL and rock that. Find balance. In both workouts and nutrition. If you can’t live off of protein shakes all day, every day – don’t try! If you can’t cut carbs indefinitely – don’t try! If you know you can’t workout at 5am – don’t try! Do the things that you can do! Workout at 7am, eat healthy and balanced meals, limit your takeout choices, and drink more water and less coffee. Do the things you can control and leave that “all or nothing” attitude. It doesn’t serve you in your journey!


Return to Your Why!
When this journey gets tough (and it will!) you need to have a powerful motivator. WHY do you want to lose weight? WHY do you want to workout? WHY do you want to eat healthy? You need to really think about WHY you are doing this. And your WHY needs to be stronger than your excuses. If your WHY is because you want to be healthier for your husband…that probably isn’t going to be strong enough to avoid all of the temptations in the break room at work…I truly feel your WHY needs to be about you. Be selfish in this one. You being the best version of yourself, will benefit those around you. However, you can’t stop drinking, doing drugs, smoking or lose weight for someone else – it HAS to be for you!


STOP Comparing Your Journey!
You are not in a race with anyone. This is YOUR private journey and whether you lose 1lb this week or 10lbs this week – YOU did it. Don’t look at what others are doing. You are not them. Maybe they were able to keep their food choices on point and you weren’t…but maybe they didn’t have the same temptations you did. Maybe junk food makes them sick and so it’s “easier” to say no. Maybe they couldn’t afford take out this week, so it was easy to not consume it. You have no idea what is going on in someone’s private life, so you cannot compare. All you are seeing is their highlight reel. Maybe they said no to donuts, but binged on pizza. You truly have not a clue what is happening. Focus on YOU – because that’s the only person you have control over!


Focus Internally – Look for Support Externally!
Even though your focus should be on yourself and your journey – you can look for support EXTERNALLY. Show up to classes with friends, post your macros daily for accountability, have a buddy you check in with. Just because you are focused on your own journey – doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek support. Just use it for INSPIRATION and ACCOUNTABILITY but not comparison. You can be happy for someone else’s success – without belittling yourself. We can ALL be successful, someone else being successful does not change our ability to shine.


This week, focus HARD on this mindset piece. The holidays are a tough time, stay as positive as you can and focus on yourself. You can do this!!!!