Happy first blog post of 2020!! I cannot believe we are already 1 week into a new year and a new decade. This year is going to be amazing BUT if you have found yourself already falling off your New Year’s Resolutions, do not beat yourself up. Re-start again but let’s break it down right this time. 


If you missed our first Coffee Chat of the year, we talk about exactly this. Go check it out here


Ok back to business. 


Re-starting, re-focusing and having a do-over AS MANY TIMES as you need to. It is ok! I am an all or nothing kinda girl BUT in 2020 I am focusing on moving forward in baby steps. Progression NOT perfection. Being kinder to myself and just getting it done!! 


It is easy to say BUT how can you execute it. Well, that is what we are going to outline today. 


Step 1: Put it out there! 

Whether you believe in the universe or God, getting your intention out is a huge part of your success. Research has proven time and again that what you say to yourself becomes your reality. 

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!” 






Step 2: Take it in small steps!

By mastering one small habit at a time, you will set yourself up for long-term success. This is usually where New Year’s Resolutions fail. We think ‘let’s put 150 things on our list’ and then we wonder why we cannot complete them all. 


Once you have looked at a few areas you want to work on. Take small steps to go after them, and be realistic. If you have not been exercising at all, wanting to work out 6 days a week is not realistic at all; start with checking out your local gym, coming to a free trial class with Sassy Evolution, get outside and walk today or tomorrow. Get started! 


For example, after I did my 2019 assessment (see Coffee Chat more details), I noticed that even though I was teaching LOTS of classes, the effort I was putting in was not my best. So, my Word for 2020 is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) so rather than go after all kinds of crazy lofty plans, I am just trying to push my intensity up a little in each class, and show up and work 6 days a week. 


Steps for this goal to be possible: 

  1. Create our Online LIVE Interactive Group class schedule and plan my classes. 
  2. Use my Apple Watch to record my stats and keep a check on my heart rate. 
  3. Complete the CHECK MARK in my journal each night. 

That is it! 


“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out” – Robert Collier 





Step 3: Give it time. 

Our instructor and personal trainer extraordinaire (and my fabulous husband) Ben did a workshop recently “Change your mindset, not your diet” and it has reached almost 2 thousand people. (If you missed it, go watch here

One of the biggest pieces of advice he explains is to give it time. Making small changes means small changes happen!! Read that again….. 

Making small changes means small changes happen!!

We are not here for the magic pill or next big fad. Why? Because they do NOT work. You may lose weight. BUT the moment you stop eating or doing that, you will go right back + more!! You need to give your body time to change. 



If you fall off, forget to journal (me twice already and it is only the first week ) eat something you didn’t want to or miss a workout, JUST KEEP going. Do not beat yourself up. Do not let it be the excuse to stop. 

Re-start as many times as you need to! 


Remember… habit puts willpower on autopilot. Changes in lifestyle and behaviour can be tough in the beginning but become less effort when you turn them into a habit. Once they become a habit, you can move onto another goal on your list. 












Good Luck! 

To Your Success,