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I want to get to my goal weight!
I want to lose 5lbs – 10lbs – 15lbs!
I want to get back to workouts!
I want to start meal prepping!
I want to stop counting calories!
I want to track my food more!
I want to drink less coffee & drink more water!
I want to tone my arms!
I want to focus on ME a little more! 


DO any of these sound familiar? In our free Facebook Group, we asked yesterday ‘what is one thing you want to achieve in March?’ 


These were some of the answers. “I LOVE a good goal. Goal setting is my jam and love talking about them.” We offer some more examples in our Coffee Chat this week. Go check it out!


But here is the hard truth about a goal. You are never going to achieve it without a plan. Sorry Secret (which I love btw) is not JUST put it out there and get it. You have some work to do. 


Let’s dissect one of my real-life examples! We start at the TOP Level and OUR WHY and move our way down each level. 


Define the goal & YOUR WHY

Top Level: Learn Spanish 

My Why: I want to be able to communicate with the teachers, at the market and our friends. 


Outline the Action Steps! 

Using the WHAT, WHERE, WHY & HOW 

**Learn 80 power verbs 

  1. Pick the 80 verbs I am going to concentrate on 
  2. Write them down & put them somewhere easy to see & find

**Spend at least 20 minutes each day 

  1. What time am I going to study? 20 minutes in the morning before my day kicks off and 15 minutes before going to bed to review.
  2. What does success look like? Using my habit tracker and give a checkmark each day. 

**Watch only Netflix in Spanish 

** Success is completing 80% of my goal 



Here is a blank version so you can work on it. Remember it is important to have a realistic number of goals (3-5) so that it becomes more realistic and actionable. 


We LOVE goal setting and know that it is the BEST and most effective way to reach your goals. They do not just happen; you have to work for them. 


STILL STUCK? We have great news!! 

We have been working on something new and since Christina spilled the beans on our Coffee Chat, I am excited to tell you more. 


Our Proven Process has helped hundreds of women just like you. 

We get it! Your biggest fear is gaining your weight back or not hitting your goal in the first place. You have tried many things and still feel stuck and lost. 


This is exactly why we have created this free process and we have helped lots of people get back on track using this exact process – we know it works if you follow it! By using this proven process for getting back on track, we PROMISEin one week you will have an action plan for creating a sustainable, balanced lifestyle.

Sign up here! 

What is Our Proven Process?

It is a 5-step process to help you figure out where you’re at, what needs to change and how to do it! It’s a customized plan that will take your personal journey into account and make a plan that truly works for you.


You must follow the ENTIRE process from start to finish to get results. We live in a world all about instant gratification. It will be tempting to skip steps and try to speed through the process – don’t! In the grand scheme of your life and your journey – 5 days isn’t a huge investment of your time and you are worth doing this right to achieve the long term, sustainable results you crave.


Step One – Discovery

  1. Set up your initial consultation with either Christina or Lindsay.
  2. You will want to talk to me if you are struggling more with fitness or mindset.
  3. You will want to talk to Christina if you are struggling more with nutrition or specific bariatric issues.
  4. This will be a 15-minute consult to give us some information about YOU and to explain the next 4 steps in detail.


Step Two – Assessment

  1. In this step, you will submit 3 days of daily tracking using our automated form.
  2. You will tell us about what you ate, how you moved, how you felt and your support system.
  3. This needs to be a real-life evaluation – so don’t make any changes yet! 
  4. 3 days is essential because any less doesn’t give us a good picture of what’s really happening.


Step Three – Adjustment

  1. In this step, you will look over your 3 days of tracking and decide what changes you would like to make in each category (Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset & Support)
  2. You will submit an adjustment form to us with everything you want to adjust.
  3. We will take 2 days to go over your adjustment form and then get back to you in the next step with an Action Plan.


Step Four – Action

  1. Once we have received your adjustment form, we will go over it and create a REAL-LIFE action plan.
  2. We know it can be tempting to change EVERYTHING at once, so we will help you to scale down your list and make it sustainable in real life.
  3. We will provide you with resources and ideas on how to implement these changes so that they are long-lasting and will work.


Step Five – Follow Up

  1. You will receive a follow-up message from us within 30 days to check-in and see how you are doing with your action plan and if it needs any adjusting.
  2. You will also have access to our FREE Facebook Support group if you require more follow up or accountability.


This Proven Process is our unique personalized plan to work with YOU and take a step closer to those results. 

Book today. 

To Your Success,