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Hey Beautiful, Sassy People!

This week in our Coffee Chat, I was solo and talking about Pandemic Nutrition Strategies.


I have been seeing more and more posts of people “falling off the wagon” during this crisis. There are many people that are at home and not used to having full access to their fridge, freezer and pantry. There are still people working, and things are intense and insanely busy. They are working long hours and coming home incredibly exhausted and food choices are suffering. Many people are stressed, anxious and turning to food to cope with their big emotions.


The most important message I have right now is: THROW AWAY THE IDEA OF PERFECTION! We are living in an imperfect world. There is so much unknown. There was no time to truly prepare for what is happening – so we have to make the best of what we have. Focus on the pieces you can currently control.


Some of the things you can control easily (even with food shortages) are:

  • Drink WATER! If it isn’t water – don’t drink it (or definitely limit it!). This is something you can do RIGHT NOW with no preparation. Water helps boost metabolism, increases your immunity, give you energy and overall helps you cope with stress better. Water will also make you more satisfied and crave less junk. So, drink it!!!!


  • Plan your meals/snacks. This will not be a perfect system but plan as much as you can. Look at what you have. Plan the night before if possible, or the morning of….or even as you are eating a snack, plan the next meal/snack. The more you can plan – the better! Taking the time to plan what you are going to eat, eliminates the need to THINK about food in the moment. It takes one more thing off your mind and allows you to just exist!

  • Prep Something! Do some sort of meal prep. Make an egg bake, some overnight oats, some energy balls, grill some meat. The healthier choices you have available the less unhealthy ones you will turn to!


  • Commit to ONE THING. I have committed to drinking ONE protein shake per day right now. I was struggling with snacks (I usually do a lot of fresh fruit/veggies but only shopping once per week, we have to limit those a bit more!). I decided instead of turning to unhealthy/junky choices, I would bring back one shake per day. I tend to consume it in the morning (since I don’t love them) and then it’s done! It’s ONE thing that I can do right now.

  • Forgive yourself and start over. When you slip up (because you will), forgive yourself and move on. Make a better choice at the next snack/meal. Don’t live with the guilt of what you did wrong, focus on all of the things you can/will/have done right!


Remember, this stress, this anxiety and this crisis will not last forever. Don’t let this period of time undo all of the hard work you have done.


Watch the coffee chat for even more strategies on getting through this uncertainty. Reach out for support if needed, we are here to help!