The Holidays are here and whether we choose to believe it or not – weight gain and holiday eating often go hand in hand.

There are so many gatherings and parties and all of them seem to revolve around food (and rarely the healthy kind).

But this doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to ENJOY the holiday season and still fit in your clothes come January.

This is the forth post-op Holiday Season that I’ve enjoyed and I haven’t experienced weight gain in ANY of them! I choose my indulgences wisely and follow a few basic guidelines to help me survive the parties and consumption overload, and today I’m sharing them with you.


Before the Event/Party

Eat Breakfast: This revs up your metabolism and helps you to avoid a calorie deficit later in the day.

Exercise: This also revs up your metabolism (and helps you burn the calories that you may indulge in later).

Wear Fitted Clothing: Dress in something that isn’t going to expand as you eat. You want to be reminded of your goals as you eat, and let’s be honest those spandex pants that expand, make us quickly forget our goals!

Eat Before You Go: This ensures you don’t arrive ravenous and binge on the appetizer course (which tends to be loaded with empty calories).


At The Event/Party

Bring a Healthy Dish: Even if you aren’t asked to. It’s always a good idea to bring a healthy snack or dish that you can eat. At least then you know there is SOMETHING that fits in your plan.

Do Not Linger Near The Food: Get what you want from the food table (using a plate) and move away. This prevents mindless snacking/grazing and keeps you accountable for how much you are consuming.

Sit Down To Eat: You tend to eat more mindfully (and pay attention to your full signals better) if you actually sit down while you are eating.

Carry a Clutch/Bag: This occupies your hands as you socialize so you are less likely to graze.


During The Meal

Take Small Bites & Chew Well: This slows down your eating and allows you to feel more satisfied. It also prevents you from finishing super-fast and drawing attention to your tiny tummy.

Sip Wisely: Limit liquor and drink water in between drinks when possible.

Make Conscious Indulgences: Choose before you go what you plan on indulging in and stick to your plan. If appetizers are your thing – enjoy them but skip dessert! Remember, you can’t have it all and stay on track! Make choices!


After The Meal

Eat a Sugar Free Mint: Mint flavor signals to your brain that you are full and the meal is over. Most foods also taste terrible with the flavor of mint in your mouth.

Let the Guilt Go: Don’t feel guilty over what you ate. It’s done. Move on.

Don’t Restrict To Compensate: If you didn’t stay on plan, just move on and eat like normal. Calorie restricting to “make up” for indulging doesn’t work and can be damaging to your metabolism and mindset!


Remember, the holiday season is to be ENJOYED and food is only one part of it. Enjoy your holiday eating, but don’t make it the focus of the holidays.

Happy Holidays!