This week’s Coffee Chat was with special guest Ben Hack while I am away immersed in my Spanish learning here in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Three weeks of nothing but Spanish (and work.) Ben jumped in to discuss the importance of movement with Christina. It was a really great chat, go check it out here.

For this week’s blog post I thought it would be fun to get the perspective of both Ben and mine on this topic. For those who do not know, Ben is an amazing instructor for our Online LIVE Interactive Group Classes and a Personal Trainer extraordinaire with SassyEvolution. He has been in the fitness and health field for 15 years training clients in a group fitness setting (Spin classes are his FAV) and supporting coaching clients through running and triathlon training plans. He is also my husband!  

Ben: We often hear people who are expecting to feel better when they start exercising and while that is true, it is usually STILL not enough to get someone motivated to go to a class or for a run. 

Lindsay: I have struggled with motivation to exercise EVERY DAY and I have lived and breathed exercise for the last 19 years. It is not because I don’t know the benefits or how important it is for our mental health, it is because it is hard. Damn hard. BUT I do LOVE the feeling of accomplishment and the amazing ‘high’ you feel. 

This post was from last Saturday. I have a mental battle in my head every morning BUT I feel so much better after I am done. 


Ben: I am from England and now they are prescribing personal training for depression and anxiety. What an amazing concept. The science of exercise doesn’t lie. Many studies show that people who exercise regularly benefit from a positive boost in mood and lower rates of depression. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Once you have them released, your mood begins to heighten. Regular exercise has been proven to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Ward off anxiety and feelings of depression
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Improve sleep

Lindsay: I was recently speaking with a Life Coaching client about mood and exercise. No matter how bad of a mood she is in, getting into an Online Class, doing the work, sweating and having fun, she feels a little better. I said the same thing. In the past, I have had such a terrible attitude about Dance exercise classes. I would often say I HATE THEM. (strong words I know). We were asked numerous times about dance classes on our Online Class schedule and I finally said I would do it. I love a challenge after all. But every time I practiced, I said, “I hate this” and after each class, I would say “I could have done better! All very negative until I started saying and feeling “this is actually really fun!” And now I look forward to each class. I am thinking about how I can add more classes to the schedule and truly love them. That is the power of movement on mood. 


Ben: On the days you are not feeling it, put your workout clothes on, start the warm-up and see how you feel. More often than not, you will get your workout done. It may not be perfect but as long as you keep showing up, you will get better results. Completing 4 non-perfect workouts is better than only getting in 1 perfect one!

Lindsay: One of my favourite quotes is “You will never regret a workout you have already done”. This is so very true. Once you have completed a workout, you will feel accomplished and get a checkmark for the day. 


Remember progress, not perfection and keep moving forward. 

If you are ready to get your mood boosted and feeling great, come and join a free trial class for our Online LIVE Interactive Group classes. I promise you will not regret it!! 

To Your Success,