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Hey Sassy Peeps!

This week in our coffee chat, Lindsay was solo and was chatting with you about Modifications and Limitations in your fitness journey.

For some reason, this is a tough topic for me. I’ve written and erased this post more times than I can count already…which is interesting since I instruct classes and provide modifications every single day.

However, I wanted to talk about this subject from my own experience with limitations and modifications. Years before I had bariatric surgery, I went through a period of time where I was a total gym rat. I had a personal trainer 3 days per week, I ran 5 days per week, I spent HOURS a day in the gym….and although I lost weight, I also tore up my body. I didn’t modify. I didn’t rest properly. I didn’t stretch before or after. I abused my body and over time – it showed.

When I first had surgery, I jumped back into that same style of working out…until I met Lindsay. Lindsay warned me about many of those habits and encouraged me to adopt more balance in my fitness. She talked to me about fueling properly, about stretching, and about modifying when needed.

I was stubborn.

I ignored her.

I kept going. But I was sporadic. I would workout a bunch…and then my body would HURT (not muscles…but joints) and so I would quit for a while. Then I would jump in and expect to pick right back where I left off…again no balance.

This worked great (or not at all) until June 2018…I bent down one morning to help my 3-year-old son put his pants on…and POP…my knee completely gave out. I literally dropped to the ground in agony. For days afterward, I tried to just “walk it off”, but alas I ended up in Urgent Care where a doctor told me I had done some serious damage to my knee and would need to see a specialist. I was referred for an MRI and to a knee specialist. I spent the ENTIRE summer on crutches (which was not easy as a single mom to a 3 and 5-year-old at the time), I had to do physio, have some injections, take far too many pain pills, wrap it and tape it whenever I went anywhere…it was SUCH A PAIN!!!

When my knee finally started getting better, I reached out to Lindsay about how I could prevent it from happening again…we talked about stretches, we talked about modifications, we talked about LISTENING TO MY BODY...and this time I actually listened.

It’s been 2 years now, and my knee still bothers me sometimes. I cannot run. Jumping activities often make me feel unstable and occasionally I struggle with balance. Some days I can squat without issue and other days, it simply won’t happen. I instruct 7-9 fitness classes per week and sometimes even as the instructor I end up modifying and changing things up to support my body.

I have learned that I can still get an amazing workout EVEN while listening to my body. I have learned that safety is incredibly important in my journey to better health and that “skinny” is worth nothing if it isn’t supported by strong and smart.

So wherever you are at in your fitness journey, know that it is VERY IMPORTANT to listen to your body…and it’s probably a good idea to listen to Lindsay Hack too…she really does know what she’s talking about (but shhh don’t tell her I said that!).