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With my Bachelor of Nutritional Science degree, I developed a keen understanding of the relationship between human health, nutrition, and medicine. Nutrition is a 3-part process. First, food or drink is consumed. Second, the body breaks down the food or drink into nutrients. Third, the nutrients travel through the bloodstream to different parts of the body where they are used as “fuel” and for many other purposes. 

BUT I soon found out that this type of nutrition is NOT what people need in REAL LIFE to get results. They don’t care about the chemical breakdown of food into nutrients. They do not care how the food works in their system, WHAT they needed was the “HOW to” when it came to eating well, losing weight, and not living in deprivation. 


It was not until I spoke with our MACRO QUEEN Christina, did I start understanding MyFitnessPal (MFP) and Macros on a USER level. All the information I learn in the classroom was great BUT it was not REAL LIFE. 


I resisted MFP and Macros for a LONG time. I had a VERY CLOSED mindset about it (Yes even me, MINDSET MASTER, can admit when I have a closed mindset).


Christina and I have been in business together for almost 4 years and it wasn’t until I challenged a client of mine to enter her food into MFP and said “I will do it with you!” 


WHAT WAS I THINKING lol but we entered it into MFP for only 2 days to start. Was it perfect?! No way. It was hard to balance the macros, get enough calories, and find all the food. BUT soon 2 days turned to 4 and now I have been pretty consistent for 47 days. Consistent, NOT perfect. I strive for progression!! 


I have had to adjust and readjust. I needed to look at my macros and change this up a few times. I got to utilize the passion and experience, that Christina feels about macros and MFP. AND I have seen pounds drop, muscle build (I wasn’t eating enough), and my own confidence build. 


Without this help and support, I would have gotten so frustrated, given up and gone back to keeping my head in the sand and “hoping for the best.” 


YES, there are apps to calculate your macros. YES, there are information sites to tell you about your calories. BUT that is not what it is really about. I can do all that!! “There is an app for that……..” for almost ANYTHING. What it truly comes down to is having someone work with YOU and YOUR real numbers and concerns and problems and progress. I would not have gotten to this point (not perfection but progression) without the audit of my macros and MFP. 


Here are 4 ways that MFP makes it easy for the USER:

1. Creating a Recipe in MFP

2. Scanning the barcodes

3. Searching for SASSY recipes

4. Looking at your weekly and daily screens


Check out this video for more information:


If you want something to change, you have to change something!!! This is where I was with my nutrition. I was tired and just hoping and thinking, I wanted real results and needed to take the next step!! 

It has been so worth it!! 

To Your Success,