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At our Coffee Chat on Monday: Fu*k The Scale, we chatted about the difference between a GROWTH and FIXED mindset. This is a huge part of the process.



A fixed mindset is all about the OUTCOME. “If I don’t lose 10lbs in a week, it was all a waste of time and I am a failure and this didn’t work so WHY BOTHER!

With a Fixed Mindset, you think others do not apply effort:

“She is naturally skinny”.

“She doesn’t have my limitations so it is easier for her”.

“Of course she is skinny, she has more time”.

Success is about being better than others:

“If I can’t look like her, I can’t do it”.

“It would be easier if I didn’t have to work full time and dedicated more time like she does”.

And then we HIDE behind all our excuses.

With a fixed mindset, you are not a work in progress but a FINISHED PRODUCT!

Any adversity or failure is devastating. 

You will want to hide and feel like a failure. 

“I was overwhelmed at my friend’s party and gave in to the pasta, the cake and the wine. I suck. I can’t do this!”



EFFORT is the KEY!! With effort – it robs you from all excuses. 

“I know I will master my eating eventually because I am committing to putting in the effort, every day”.

“I know that IF I focus on the process over the outcome, I will do better each time”.

Striving to make choices that follow through on your intentions. You will make mistakes and learn from them.

At that same birthday party, someone with a growth mindset will be curious as to “why I ate and drank and learn from it so I can do better next time”.

“I went to the party starving. Next time I will go into a situation with a full belly after a healthy lunch so my appetite is satisfied and I will enter the party in control”.


For an example of GROWTH vs FIXED mindset statements and a great assignment to help with this, go here. 

Be honest with yourself. Take some time to really think about it. Try a few of these statements in your everyday life. I promise you it will make a difference.

To Your Success,

Lindsay Hack


PS. This is one of the hardest parts of the process. We can tell you what to do. We can give you a meal plan, recipes, and even workouts, but until you work through some of this stuff, you will continue to run on the hamster wheel and see the same 5lbs up and down or even worst, gain more weight. It is more than just meal plans and recipes. It is mindset. It is behaviour. It is how you feel about yourself on the inside and the outside.

Come and join YOUR Bariatric Transformation. We are here to guide you through this group coaching program that leads you to life long weight loss and lifestyle success.

~~Something NEEDS to change and that something is YOU!! ~~

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