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Hey Beautiful, Sassy People!

This week in our Coffee Chat, Lindsay and I were chatting about motivation.
The first thing that Lindsay said kind of slapped me in the face…you will NEVER find motivation. It will never pop out of the closet at you and make working out (meal prepping, etc. etc.) easier. Well, that kind of sucks because I’ve been waiting for over a year to find that motivation.

I do my workouts (5-6 days per week) but I ALWAYS try to talk myself out of them. I kept hoping that eventually I would pop out of bed, excited to workout and be ready to rock…well, Lindsay is right (don’t tell her I said that) and that is simply not going to happen.

However, the more I workout the more momentum I gain, and that momentum drives me forward. I have made friendships in our Online Classes community and those friendships help me to show up. I have made progress in my fitness journey and that progress helps me to show up. I have had MANY (almost ALL) days where I don’t want to show up…but then I do anyway, and I feel better after I’m done. I cannot think of a single workout I’ve done when afterwards I thought “I wish I didn’t do that”. Every single time, I leave the workout feeling proud and accomplished and so I remind myself of that NEXT TIME.

Working out doesn’t come easily for me – and that’s ok. I’m never going to be someone who can’t wait to workout – and that’s ok. But what I can do is DO IT ANYWAY! I can get up. Put my workout clothes on. Eat a snack. Turn my computer on. Get through the warmup. Do the first set. Do the second set. And just keep pushing through using MOMENTUM to get me through. And that works – every time.

While working out isn’t my thing – meal prepping is. But I am also rarely motivated to do it. When it’s Sunday evening and I need to get my food prepped, but I’m on my cozy couch and cuddling my dog…meal prep is the last thing on my mind. However, I know from experience that if I don’t have my pre-workout snack prepped – I don’t eat and then my workouts SUCK. Or I eat junk to fuel my workout – and that sucks. Or I spend 8 billion dollars on energy bars and that sucks….so if I just prep my pre-workout snack at least that problem is solved. One thing checked off the list.

Then the next problem…there are several nights a week that we have activities for the kids and a very small window of time between after school and activities to eat a healthy dinner….no time for cooking. I NEED to have meals ready for these days or else 1-800-PIZZA-DERAILS-MY-GOALS gets called…and that isn’t helpful either! I was a take-out QUEEN before my surgery, and I have vowed repeatedly not to go back there – so meal prepping saves me.

Some weeks I do a grand plan and make an incredible casserole or stir-fry with loads of fresh veggies and a homemade sauce, etc. Other weeks? I open some cans of beans and a pound of meat and make a quick chili. Sometimes I just make a quick tuna salad. But I always prep SOMETHING for those few days that we need a quick dinner.

There are weeks that I get breakfasts prepped, lunches done and extra snacks too….but on the weeks when the couch is too tempting and the lazies take over I know just these TWO simple things being prepped make a HUGE difference in my week and keep me on track.

Find what you need to do to keep yourself on track…and convince yourself that if you spend the tiny bit of energy prepping those few things today – it will save you energy, guilt, and calories later in the week!

Find what works and do it over and over again – use that momentum to drive you forward!

You’ve got this….and at least now you can save some time looking for that motivation…because none of us are finding it!