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Hey Beautiful, Sassy People!

This week in our Coffee Chat, you heard the lovely Tara chatting about de-stressing in these troubling times!

I wanted to chat a bit about Emotional Eating and staying on track during this crisis.

With emotions running high and many of us hard-wired to turn to food in times like these – it could be tough, however, if you set yourself up for success you can not only survive but THRIVE during this lock down.


Things you can do:

1. Avoid stock piling junk food. I know when you go to the store and see bare shelves panic can set in and we often turn to those junk foods with expiry dates far, far in the distance…but avoid that! You can create a tiny stockpile of canned/frozen veggies, frozen/canned proteins (tuna, chicken, etc.), frozen/canned fruit (packed in water only), protein powders/drinks and some nuts and seeds. These things will all keep you ON PLAN and secure knowing that you will have things to eat.


2. Create a daily plan. Each day when you wake up, pack a lunch for the day. Put it in a lunch bag in the fridge. Include your snacks and meals for your day. This will prevent “boredom” eating. Go to the fridge at your regular scheduled meal/snack times and take from that lunch bag only. When the bag is empty – you’re done! If you can usually make it through a workday with that amount of food, you are not suddenly hungrier just because you are home!


3. Create a meal prep based on your “trouble times”. If you find you are struggling more with healthy snacks, prep some energy balls or protein cookies. Make a trail mix. Fill in the gaps of when you find yourself straying from healthy choices with prepped choices that you enjoy eating. Make a list of good, healthy options and stick it to your fridge.


4. Find other hobbies. Find some things to do to keep your hands and mind busy. Try knitting or colouring. Paint your nails or give yourself an at-home manicure. Clean out a drawer or organize a closet. If you can stay busy, you are less likely to emotionally eat.


5. Keep your emotions real. We don’t emotionally eat things that we are dealing with. Read that again. It is only emotions that we stuff down and don’t deal with that we eat. Allow yourself to FEEL what is going on. Make lists with action plans and lists with items you can control and things you simply cannot control right now.


Keepin’ it real in these tough times will help! Also, reaching out for support as needed will help. Talk to friends, family and other members of our amazing community who are going through similar things right now. This will help to normalize your experience and validate your feelings.


We WILL get through this time and you can do it without weight gain and by staying on track. We’re here for you!!!!


Cheers to your health and wellness,