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Hey Sassy Peeps!

This week in our coffee chat, Lindsay and I were chatting about advocating for yourself in your journey.


Unfortunately, we hear from people all the time that they feel powerless and helpless in their journey. They don’t know what to do and sometimes the “experts” that they turn to for advice either don’t know or don’t care….and it’s heartbreaking.


I’m not saying we have all of the answers because we DEFINITELY DO NOT! However, one of the things we can help you with is teaching you how to advocate for yourself.


We encourage you to ask questions. This is YOUR journey and it needs to feel right to you. If a professional (doctor, nutritionist, dietician, trainer, etc) gives you a calorie range to follow without doing a proper BMR test, ask them HOW they know that is the right range for you. If they suggest low carb or high carb or fasting, ask WHY. Inquire about the science behind it. Ensure you are not just being part of a fad but that this is really the RIGHT thing for YOU.


This is your body, your health, and your LIFE and you most definitely have a say in what is happening. Of course, the “professionals” are educated and in a perfect world they have your best interest at heart and truly want to help…but questions only ensure that you are truly doing what is right for you.



When you go to an appointment with your care team or anyone involved in your journey, make a list of questions ahead of time. Focus on open-ended questions that will require your care team to explain the details to you and not simply answer “yes or no”. This will help you to understand the plan they are proposing. Remember, you are always able to get other opinions or decline to follow the plan they are suggesting and ask for something else. There is rarely just ONE answer when it comes to weight loss, even in the bariatric world. Your plan must feel like the right fit in order for you to follow it.


Be sure to share all of the details of your journey with your care team. (ie. We talk to many clients who don’t want to tell their personal trainer they had bariatric surgery, you absolutely MUST share these details to be safe and to get the best results!)


We absolutely want you to succeed. We want to help in any way we can, including teaching you to advocate for yourself and making yourself a priority in your journey.


This journey should be a positive life change for you, and if you’re feeling any other way, we need to change that and that starts with YOU!


Cheers to you!