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50 Day



50 Day



Are you Ready for our 50 Day HABIT Challenge?

October 5 – November 22, 2020


Create Your Habits

Work With Expert Coaches
Get Results
Right From Home

You’ll Not Only LOOK Your Best, but You’ll also FEEL Your Best and BUILD the habits to continue on with your LONG TERM SUCCESS – And You’ll Do It With A Community Around You To Support and Give You The Accountability You Need!

Hello, we are Lindsay and Christina from Sassy Evolution!!

Can you believe we are already starting to near the end of 2020 – what a crazy year it’s been!

Like many of you, our habits the last few months have been all over the place… And maybe you’ve noticed too… Staying motivated to workout or meal prep or even thinking positively has been tough…Especially right now with everything going on!!!

BUT ALL is not lost!! We can work on creating and building our habits, ONE STEP at a time.

… And that’s why we are inviting YOU to join us in the 50 Day HABIT Challenge!

Now more than ever, as we finish off 2020 STRONG… We need a community, accountability, and support around us.

 Let’s Talk ABOUT the plan!

 We combine our 4 pillars for Success are NUTRITION, FITNESS, MINDSET, and SUPPORT!

We need each other to really focus to end this year right and go into the holiday season READY!

…And what better way to do that than a habit challenge? Our Habit Challenge is designed specifically to help you to get back on track, focus on the habits that will help you take the steps towards your goals. To focus on you. To get ready to rock the last few months of the year.

…….we are going to do that together in the next 50-days!

You are NOT just going to get amazing tools and strategies to successfully focus on your habits, BUT you will also get the action.

BEFORE we talk about WHAT you get with the CHALLENGE, let’s talk about the value of HABITS!!

I am sure you have heard that it takes 21 days to build a habit or 90 days to keep that habit.

The truth is not about how long – BUT HOW OFTEN!

If you only do one workout in 21 days – you will not build the habit.

If you only meal plan for one week and then stop in those 90 days, you will not build the habit.

It is all ABOUT the REPETITIONS! How often not how long!! Doing your habits over and over again is how we create the routine. This is how they become as natural as brushing your teeth or putting conditioner in your hair after shampoo. We don’t think about those habits because they have been done over and over again.

The more times you do your habit, the more it becomes natural.

You may not feel like exercise “fits” into your day/week. You may not feel like meal planning and prepping is something you can do.

The TRUTH is you can create ANY habit and you can BREAK any Habit.

We will be using the LAWS of BEHAVIOR CHANGE during this challenge to really help with setting your intentions, completing your daily habits, and making it part of your overall routine.


Law #1

Make it Obvious – Implement a plan and design your environment for success.


Law #2

Make it Attractive – Pair an action you want to do with an action you need to do. When habits are attractive, we feel motivated to do them.


Law #3

Make it Easy – Reduce friction, decrease the number of steps between you and your good habit.


Law #4

Make it Satisfying – Use reinforcement. Give yourself an immediate reward when you complete your habit.

We are setting our intentions and creating habits to work towards your goals.

What’s Included?



20+ Online LIVE Interactive Group Fitness Classes & 50+ pre-recorded “on-demand” style classes for all levels and limitations with modifications and fun! ALL FITNESS LEVELS!



20+ tested and tried Bariatric friendly recipes + 4 Meal Plans (Balanced and Keto). Nutrition Meal Prep and Accountability Coaching EVERY WEEK.



Mindset Group Coaching EVERY WEEK. Mindset Accountability Homework. Recorded Master Classes. Habit tracker to keep track of all the hard work you are putting in.



A supportive and amazing community. A private Facebook group. 2 expert coaches + 4 instructors who are cheering you on and supporting you along the way. An accountability partner to keep you focused.



5 lucky winners who consistenly complete their habits over the full challenge will receive a FREE month in our Your Bariatric Transformation Academy. AND everyone will get the rest of NOVEMBER free to continue their habits.

Why a Challenge

Challenges bring together an amazing community of people who support one another. When the going gets tough (and it will), our community will support you and push you to keep at it. Your accountability partner, the community, your coaches are your cheerleaders and want to see you succeed.

Challenges give you accountability and daily social interactions. You should see our private Facebook group during these challenges! It is absolutely incredible how active people are and how everyone is cheering you on. We have members from all over the world working towards similar goals which makes it motivating and fun!! Challenges are a great way to spice up your journey, stay accountable, and enjoy the process.